Shipper Control Tower

Shipper Control Tower

If you have any inquiries regarding our API please send an email to [email protected] with the details as follows:


Subject: CompanyName_API_Questions

1. Company Name
2. List of questions and reasonings
Note: If the question is too technical and points to a possible technical issue, then please see the troubleshooting category.


Subject: CompanyName_API_troubleshooting

1.  Company Name
2.  Company BOS Account phone number
3.  Order ID or External ID
4.  Environment (Sandbox / Production)
5.  Issue explanation
6.  Parameter / Payload from API request (preferably text file or text)
7.  Payload from API response (preferably text file or text)
8.  Screenshots if any

Note: Make sure to include the data as detailed as possible in order for the team to pinpoint the issue efficiently.

If you have shipment issues, you can contact our Control Tower on +62 8033 2160 215 or [email protected].