Get Order Details by Order Id

Updated by 13 Jun 2024

Get Order Details

All information regarding an order can be retrieved using this endpoint.

Authorizations : X-API-Key_Header

Get Order Details

GET /v3/order/{orderID}

Path Parameter

order_idstringShipper Order ID
example 215VKK6KQYEX2

Sample Request & Response

curl --location --request GET '{{baseUrl}}/v3/order/215VKK6KQYEX2' \
--header 'X-API-Key: {{YOUR_API_KEY}}'
    "metadata": {
        "path": "/v3/order/215VKK6KQYEX2?%3Aorder_id=215VKK6KQYEX2&",
        "http_status_code": 200,
        "http_status": "OK",
        "timestamp": 1622192522
    "data": {
        "consignee": {
            "name": "Penerima",
            "phone_number": "62852280038095"
        "consigner": {
            "name": "Pengirim",
            "phone_number": "62852280038095"
        "origin": {
            "id": 4466605,
            "stop_id": 50,
            "address": "Jalan Kenangan",
            "direction": "",
            "postcode": "12940",
            "area_id": 4711,
            "area_name": "Karet Kuningan",
            "suburb_id": 482,
            "suburb_name": "Setia Budi",
            "city_id": 41,
            "city_name": "Jakarta Selatan",
            "province_id": 6,
            "province_name": "DKI Jakarta",
            "country_id": 228,
            "country_name": "INDONESIA",
            "lat": "-6.2197608",
            "lng": "106.8266873"
        "destination": {
            "id": 0,
            "stop_id": 4327,
            "address": "Jalan Kenangan",
            "direction": "",
            "postcode": "12940",
            "area_id": 4711,
            "area_name": "Karet Kuningan",
            "suburb_id": 482,
            "suburb_name": "Setia Budi",
            "city_id": 41,
            "city_name": "Jakarta Selatan",
            "province_id": 6,
            "province_name": "DKI Jakarta",
            "country_id": 228,
            "country_name": "INDONESIA",
            "lat": "-6.2197608",
            "lng": "106.8266860"
        "external_id": "KRN123111",
        "order_id": "215VKK6KQYEX2",
        "courier": {
            "rate_id": 4,
            "amount": 108000,
            "use_insurance": true,
            "insurance_amount": 7880,
            "cod": false,
            "min_day": 1,
            "max_day": 2
        "package": {
            "weight": 1.1231,
            "length": 30,
            "width": 40,
            "height": 60,
            "volume_weight": 12,
            "package_type": 2,
            "items": [
                    "id": 717898,
                    "name": "Baju Baju",
                    "price": 120000,
                    "qty": 12
        "payment_type": "postpay",
        "driver": {
            "name": "",
            "phone": "",
            "vehicle_type": "",
            "vehicle_number": ""
        "label_check_sum": "7742142f6d65ce36275b85cc16e5ffbd",
        "creation_date": "2021-05-28T08:16:21Z",
        "last_updated_date": "2021-05-28T08:16:33Z",
        "awb_number": "",
        "trackings": [
                "shipper_status": {
                    "code": 1000,
                    "name": "Paket sedang dipersiapkan",
                    "description": "Paket sedang dipersiapkan"
                "logistic_status": {
                    "code": 1,
                    "name": "Order Masuk ke sistem",
                    "description": "Data order sudah masuk ke sistem"
                "created_date": "2021-05-28T08:16:21Z"
                "shipper_status": {
                    "code": 1000,
                    "name": "Paket sedang dipersiapkan",
                    "description": "Paket sedang dipersiapkan"
                "logistic_status": {
                    "code": 1,
                    "name": "Order Masuk ke sistem",
                    "description": "Data order sudah masuk ke sistem"
                "created_date": "2021-05-28T08:16:33Z"
        "is_active": false,
        "is_hubless": false,
        "pickup_code": "",
        "pickup_time": "",
        "shipment_status": {
            "name": "Order Masuk ke sistem",
            "description": "Data order sudah masuk ke sistem",
            "code": 1,
            "updated_by": "SHIPPER_FRONTAPIMERCHANTSVC",
            "updated_date": "2022-11-18T04:05:44Z",
            "track_url": "",
            "reason": "",
            "created_date": "2022-11-18T04:05:44Z"
        "proof_of_delivery": {
            "photo": "",
            "signature": ""
        "time_slot_selected": {
            "start_time": null,
            "end_time": null

Response List

metadataMetadata information
metadata.pathApi endpoint path
metadata.http_status_codeHttp status code
metadata.http_statusHttp status
dataAll important information about order detail placed on this param
data.coverageOrder creation type: domestic/international
data.order_idShipper Order ID. To be use for pickup request
data.payment_typeMerchant payment type: cash/postpay
data.external_idExternal ID generated by user
data.label_check_sumLabel check sum of order. To use for print label
data.creation_dateCreation date of order
data.last_updated_dateLast update date of order
data.awb_numberAWB number generated by 3PL
data.is_activeOrder status
data.is_hublessFlag of order type: hubless/non-hubless
data.pickup_codePickup code of order
data.pickup_timeTime of picked up package by driver
courierAll important information about courier (3PL) placed on this param
courier.rate_idRateID of courier
courier.amountShipment fee
courier.user_insuranceInsurance flag of the order
courier.insurance_amountAmount of insurance
courier.codCash on delivery flag of the order
consigneeAll important information about consignee placed on this param
consignee.nameConsignee name (Penerima)
consignee.phone_numberConsignee phone number
consignerAll important information about consignee placed on this param
consigner.phone_numberConsigner phone number
destinationAll important information about destination of the package placed on this param
destination.addressPackage destination address
destination.area_idArea ID of package destination
destination.area_nameArea name of package destination
destination.city_idCity ID of package destination
destination.city_nameCity name of package destination
destination.latLatitude of package destination
destination.lngLongitude of package destination
destination.postcodePostcode of package destination
destination.province_idProvince ID of package destination
destination.province_nameProvince name of package destinationa
destination.suburb_idSuburb id of package destination
destination.suburb_nameSuburb name of package destination
destination.email_addressEmail address of package destination
destination.company_nameCompany name of package destination
originAll important information about origin package placed on this param
origin.addressAddress of package origin
origin.area_idArea ID of package origin
origin.area_nameArea name of package origin
origin.city_idCity ID of package origin
origin.city_nameCity name of package origin
origin.latLatitude of package origin
origin.lngLongitude of package origin
origin.postcodePostcode of package origin
origin.province_idProvince ID of package origin
origin.province_nameProvince name of package origin
origin.suburb_idSuburb id of package origin
origin.suburb_nameSuburb name of package origin
origin.email_addressEmail address of package origin
origin.company_nameCompany name of package origin
packageAll important information about package placed on this param
package.package_typeType of package: 1) document 2) small package 3) medium package
package.weightWeight of package (kg)
package.lengthLength of package (cm)
package.widthWidth of package (cm)
package.heightHeight of package (cm)
package.pricePrice of package (IDR)
package.price.itemsArray of package items
package.price.items.idPackage item ID
package.price.items.namePackage item name
package.price.items.qtyPackage item quantity
package.price.items.pricePackage Item price
trackingsAll important information about historical order trackings placed on this param
trackings.created_dateTracking create date
trackings.shipper_statusThe tracking status mapped by Shipper (external_status). Preferably used for displaying to user.
trackings.shipper_status.codeShipper status code
trackings.shipper_status.nameShipper status name/title
trackings.shipper_status.descriptionShipper status description
trackings.logistic_statusThe tracking status mapped by 3PL (external).
Preferably used for displaying to user
because it is what shown by the courier
trackings.logistic_status.codeLogistic status code
trackings.logistic_status.nameLogistic status name/title
trackings.logistic_status.descriptionLogistic status description
data.driverAll important information about driver info of order placed on this param
data.driver.nameName of driver who pickup the order
data.driver.phonePhone of the driver
data.driver.vehicle_typeVehicle type that used by driver for pickup the order
data.driver.vehicle_numberVehicle number that used by driver for pickup the order
data.shipment_statusAll important information about shipment status of order placed on this param
data.shipment_status.nameShipment status name
data.shipment_status.descriptionShipment status description
data.shipment_status.codeShipment status code
data.shipment_status.updated_byShipment status update by
data.shipment_status.updated_dateShipment status date
data.shipment_status.track_urlShipment status track url
data.shipment_status.reasonShipment status reason
data.shipment_status.created_dateShipment status created date
data.proof_of_deliveryProof delivery information of the order placed on this param
data.proof_of_delivery.photoProof of delivery photo url
data.proof_of_delivery.signatureProof of delivery signature

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