Shipper API is an exclusive way to connect with the Shipper platform. It is an HTTP-based API that applications can interact with our location, pricing, and shipment features, and many more. Users can customize their data freely with this API.


Getting Started Using Shipper Postman Collection

Postman collection is the easiest way to use the Shipper Logistic REST API.

  1. Install Postman if you haven’t installed it yet. For a more detailed guide install Postman, see ”Installing and Updating Postman
  2. Download Shipper Logistic API Postman Collection here.
  3. Import Shipper Logistic API Postman Collection to your Postman App.
  4. Use Shipper API Key to authenticate to Shipper Logistic API.
    For more information about step by step get Shipper API Key, see “How to Get Shipper API Key
  5. Update value api_key on postman collection with API key generated