How to Get the API Key


What's the difference between Sandbox and Production?

In Shipper, Sandbox is a testing environment, where you can try out our API for free. Production is the live environment that will be use once User Acceptance Test, Onboarding Call and Agreement has been done with our dedicated team.

How to Get the Production API Key

  1. You need to set up a call with our sales representative team. If you have fill in the form on our Landing Page, our representative will contact you via email.
  2. After discussing commercials, the next process is your development part. You can get the Sandbox key by following the steps at the end of this section.
  3. After finishing development, you need to do a UAT, for more info please contact our representative.
  4. Also, to maximize your experience in using our services there will be an onboarding call session with our onboarding team, for more info please contact our representative.
  5. API Production key will be given after all the process have been completed and commercial contract have been signed.

How to Get the Sandbox API Key

  1. To get Shipper API Key in Sandbox environment, you must register at our Sandbox Platform.
  2. After you successfully registered, please fill in this Form.