International Pricing

This endpoint is used for getting the rates for International Shipping

Get Pricing International
This endpoint will display all logistics available by Shipper on the chosen International route.

Authorizations : X-API-Key_Header
Request Body Schema : application/json

POST Pricing Domestic

POST /v3/pricing/international

Request Data

Parameter / ObjectTypeDescription
integerArea id of the origin obtained from Get Location
origin.country_idintegerCountry id of the origin (Ex. Indonesia 228)
integerCountry id of the destination obtained from Get Location
(Ex. Singapore 180)
booleanUse this to ensure pricing eligibility.
codbooleanDefault set to false
integerHeight in cm
integerLength in cm
integerWidth in cm
integerWeight in kg
integerValue of the item in IDR
limitintegerLimit data displayed for each page, default 30
pageintegerPage Number default 1
sort_byArray of StringsSort the orders of available services based on the filter.
Example "final_price"

Sample Request and Response

curl --location --request POST '{{baseUrl}}/v3/pricing/international' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-API-Key: [YOUR_API_KEY]' \
--data-raw '{
    "height": 10,
    "item_price": 50000,
    "length": 10,
    "weight": 5,
    "width": 10,
    "cod": false,
    "destination": {
        "country_id": 180
    "for_order": true,
    "limit": 30,
    "origin": {
        "country_id": 228,
        "area_id": 4711
    "page": 1,
    "sort_by": [
    "metadata": {
        "path": "/v3/pricing/international",
        "http_status_code": 200,
        "http_status": "OK",
        "timestamp": 1629093602
    "data": {
        "origin": {
            "area_id": 4711,
            "area_name": "Karet Kuningan",
            "suburb_id": 482,
            "suburb_name": "Setia Budi",
            "city_id": 41,
            "city_name": "Jakarta Selatan",
            "province_id": 6,
            "province_name": "DKI Jakarta",
            "country_id": 228,
            "country_name": "INDONESIA",
            "lat": -6.2197608,
            "lng": 106.8266873
        "destination": {
            "area_id": 0,
            "area_name": "",
            "suburb_id": 0,
            "suburb_name": "",
            "city_id": 0,
            "city_name": "",
            "province_id": 0,
            "province_name": "",
            "country_id": 180,
            "country_name": "SINGAPORE",
            "lat": 0,
            "lng": 0
        "pricings": [
                "logistic": {
                    "id": 24,
                    "name": "DPEX",
                    "logo_url": "",
                    "code": "DPX",
                    "company_name": "DPEX Internasional"
                "rate": {
                    "id": 327,
                    "name": "EXPRESS PARCEL",
                    "type": "International",
                    "description": "EXPRESS PARCEL",
                    "full_description": ""
                "weight": 5,
                "volume": 1000,
                "volume_weight": 0.2,
                "final_weight": 5,
                "min_day": 2,
                "max_day": 2,
                "unit_price": 802620,
                "total_price": 802620,
                "discount": 0,
                "discount_value": 0,
                "discounted_price": 802620,
                "insurance_fee": 0,
                "must_use_insurance": false,
                "liability_value": 50000,
                "final_price": 802620,
                "currency": "IDR",
                "insurance_applied": false
    "pagination": {
        "current_page": 1,
        "current_elements": 1,
        "total_pages": 1,
        "total_elements": 1,
        "sort_by": [

Response List

metadataMetadata information
metadata.pathAPI endpoint path
metadata.http_status_codeHTTP status code
metadata.http_statusHTTP status
paginationPaging information
pagination.current_pageCurrent page
pagination.current_elementsTotal item per page
pagination.total_pagesTotal pages
pagination.total_elementsTotal datas
dataAll important information about the 3PL pricing
data.originAll important information about the origin that have been sent
data.origin.area_idArea ID of the origin
data.origin.area_nameArea name of the origin
data.origin.suburb_idSuburb ID of the origin
data.origin.suburb_nameSuburb name of the origin
data.origin.city_idCity ID of the origin
data.origin.city_nameCity name of the origin
data.origin.province_idProvince ID of the origin
data.origin.province_nameProvince name of the origin
data.origin.country_idCountry ID of the origin
data.origin.country_nameCountry name of the origin
data.origin.latLatitude of the origin
data.origin.lngLongitude of the origin
data.destinationAll important information about the destination that have been sent
data.destination.area_idArea ID of the destination
data.destination.suburb_idSuburb ID of the destination
data.destination.suburb_nameSuburb name of the destination
data.destination.city_idCity ID of the destination
data.destination.city_nameCity name of the destination
data.destination.province_idProvince ID of the destination
data.destination.province_nameProvince name of the destination
data.destination.country_idCountry ID of the destination
data.destination.country_nameCountry name of the destination
data.destination.latLatitude of the destination
data.destination.lngLongitude of the destination
data.pricingsAll important information about the available 3PLs based on the request
data.pricings.[].logisticAll information about the available logistic
data.pricings.[].logistic.idLogistic ID
data.pricings.[].logistic.nameLogistic name
data.pricings.[].logistic.logo_urlLogistic URL logo
data.pricings.[].logistic.codeLogistic code
data.pricings.[].logistic.company_nameLogistic company name
data.pricings.[].rateAll important information about the available rate service of the logistic
data.pricings.[].rate.idRate service ID. Required to use when Create Order
data.pricings.[].rate.nameRate service name
data.pricings.[].rate.typeRate service type
data.pricings.[].rate.descriptionRate service description
data.pricings.[].rate.full_descriptionRate service full description
data.pricings.[].weightWeight of the package (kg)
data.pricings.[].volumeVolume of the package based on the length, width, and height
data.pricings.[].volume_weightVolumetric weight of the package
data.pricings.[].final_weightFinal weight that have been chosen between "weight" and "volume_weight". Will choose which one is heavier.
data.pricings.[].min_dayMinimum day of delivery estimation
data.pricings.[].max_dayMaximum day of delivery estimation
data.pricings.[].unit_priceShipment fee for 1 kg
data.pricings.[].total_priceTotal shipment fee
data.pricings.[].discountDiscount percentage
data.pricings.[].discount_valueDiscount value (IDR)
data.pricings.[].discounted_priceShipment fee after discount
data.pricings.[].insurance_feeInsurance fee for the package
data.pricings.[].must_use_insuranceInformation about whether required to use insurance or not.

If ""must_use_insurance"" true, then final_price will be total_price + insurance_fee
If ""must_use_insurance"" false, then final_price will be total_price only.

If ""must_use_insurance"" true, then use_insurance on Create Order must be true.
data.pricings.[].lialibility_valuePackage value
data.pricings.[].final_priceTotal shipment fee with discount and insurance fee
data.pricings.[].currencyCurrency that Shipper used
data.pricings.[].insurance_appliedInformation about whether the insurance fee already applied in the price