Shipping Label (Mandatory)

Getting Label


Shipping Label

It is mandatory to print and stick the label on the package prior to handing it over to the courier driver. This is the sole method and there are no other alternatives available.

You can get the Shipping Label directly from your dashboard or from a direct URL

From Shipper Dashboard

  1. Check the Orders that you want to Print the Label.
  2. Click "Print Pesanan"
  3. Print the Label generated
  4. Paste the Label to the Packet.


Label Size

There is no strict rule regarding the size of the label, as long as it is visible and clear.

From Direct URL

Sandbox Environment :[]={{ORDER_ID}}&uid={{LABELCHECKSUM_ORDER}}

Production Environment :[]={{ORDER_ID}}&uid={{LABELCHECKSUM_ ORDER}}
URL for getting our receipt:

Sandbox Environment :[]={{ORDER_ID}}&uid={{LABELCHECKSUM_ORDER}}

Production Environment :[]={{ORDER_ID}}&uid={{LABELCHECKSUM_ORDER}}

You can get [ORDER_ID] from endpoint order creation and [LABELCHECKSUM_ORDER] from endpoint order detail.

VariableWhere to Get?
TRACKING_IDThis is the orderID of the that order. (e.g. 219RVJJ8xxxxx)
LABELCHECKSUM_ORDERYou can get this checksum by calling our Get Order Detail endpoint. (e.g. /v3/order/{{219RVJJ8xxxxx}}) & navigate to "label_check_sum" parameter to get the value. (e.g. 7742142f6d65ce36275b85cc16e5ffbd)

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