Get Pickup Timeslot

Get Pickup Timeslot

This endpoint will show the eligible timeslot to request the pickup based on the time of request.



If you are only using courier such as Grab or GoSend, or a hubless courier (not picked up by Shipper Drivers), then the pickup will not work based on timeslot but will be done immediately after requesting the pickup

Authorizations : X-API-Key_Header

Get Pickup Timeslot

GET /v3/pickup/timeslot

Path Parameter

time_zoneStringTimezone of the current location. Either one of 3 choices accepted:

1. Asia/Jakarta
2. Asia/Makassar
3. Asia/Jayapura

Asia/Jakarta will show the timeslot in +07:00 format
Asia/Makassar will show the timeslot in +08:00 format
Asia/Jayapura will show the timeslot in +09:00 format

Sample Request & Response

curl --location --request GET '{{baseUrl}}/v3/pickup/timeslot?time_zone=Asia/Jakarta' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-API-Key: {{YOUR_API_KEY}}'
    "metadata": {
        "path": "/v3/pickup/timeslot?time_zone=Asia/Jakarta",
        "http_status_code": 200,
        "http_status": "OK",
        "timestamp": 1634601550
    "data": {
        "time_zone": "Asia/Jakarta",
        "time_slots": [
                "start_time": "2021-10-19T09:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-19T11:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-19T12:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-19T14:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-19T15:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-19T17:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-19T18:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-19T20:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-20T09:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-20T11:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-20T12:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-20T14:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-20T15:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-20T17:59:59+07:00"
                "start_time": "2021-10-20T18:00:00+07:00",
                "end_time": "2021-10-20T20:59:59+07:00"

After you get a response, use these data to create the pickup request on the Create Pickup Order with Timeslot API on the next page.

Response List

metadataMetadata information
metadata.pathApi endpoint path
metadata.http_status_codeHttp status code
metadata.http_statusHttp status
dataAll important information about timeslot options placed on this param
data.time_zoneTimezone selected: Asia/Jakarta, Asia/Makassar, Asia/Jayapura
data.time_slotsTimeslot options
data.time_slots.start_timeStart time of timeslot option
data.time_slots.end_timeEnd time of timeslot option